Thursday, June 21, 2012

2012 ORS Regency Retreat (and some photos of Topsails and Tea)

Apologies to all for the lag in updates. The ORS has had a bit of a spike in fertility and we've had some unexpected pregnancies among the leadership that sort of threw a couple of sabots into our proverbial looms. We're now one baby boy (Master Logan) stronger in our Regency family here with the ORS, and hopefully we'll know tomorrow if it will be a little white dress or a skeleton suit for the second arrival coming in November.

Anyhow, I'm happy to post the details on the ORS retreat in August. There are a few spots still open, so please feel free to query us if you're interested in coming.  Full payment should be submitted before July 25, if possible. Contact us at if you have questions, or if it's after July 25 and you want to know if there are still spots available.

Click HERE to download the registration packet.

Read the details online on the ORS 2012 Regency Retreat page.
Click HERE.

Additionally, I'm adding some highlight photos of our lovely May 19, 2012 'Topsails and Tea' event in Newport Oregon.  We enjoyed a sail on the tall ship, the Lady Washington. She sails out of Grey's Harbour in Washington State and with her sister ship, the Hawaiian Chieftain, they visit a number of ports along the Pacific Northwest throughout the year.

It was a lovely event and we all had a great time. It began with a delicious tea, we enjoyed a lovely day, heard great music, saw baby sea-lions, and some of us capped off the night with some wine and seafood and good company.  I cannot wait to do it again next year! We're going to try to buy out a whole ship this time. :)

Here come LOTS of photos. These were taken by myself, Stephanie Johanesen, Stephanie Robertson and by Megan Funk.

A golden-locked serenade.

Spiders on a web.

Paul always cuts a striking figure.

One of the highlights of the sail. Beautiful

Blue steel.

It wasn't just the men making striking poses.

Our sister ship offered lots of 'beauty passes'

The crew.

Some of the AMAZING crew of the
Lady Washington.

This is George. I was going to sea-lion-nap him.
I was advised I could not. Mostly by
George's massive family members loafing nearby.
As you can see, it was a lovely event. We hope to have more and more as the baby-making surge levels out. :D  Happy weekend all!