Friday, May 27, 2011

The Oregon Regency Society's First Regency Retreat

Yes, you heard it, we're having our retreat! It's SO exciting to watch it come together and to start finalizing workshops and the registration packet. I put a preliminary notice on Facebook the day before yesterday and we already have a bit of interest. Stephanie Robertson has been the primary driving force behind this event, and has helped us acquire a venue to hold it for a price that makes it affordable for everyone. For less than $200, participants get nine meals, three nights lodging, a compendium of workshops and they get to play dress-up all the while! How can you beat that?

We are happy to welcome not only Oregonians and local folks, but also people from out of state as well. We are willing to help with airport transportation and assisting in making sure you have the stuff you need for a comfortable stay. All you have to do is contact us.

For a preview of what's in store for the retreat, click here. We will be adding more details as we finish wrapping up the odds and ends. Some things may be subject to change; to minor menu changes to some workshop modifications. In spite of that, we foresee a wonderful event with lots of great workshops to hone your skills in sewing, dancing, millinery, even baking!

Click through and check it out. There are *ONLY* 30 available spots, so if you want to participate, you should contact the ORS for a registration packet.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Update of events

Due to some issues out of the ORS control, we don't have any events set in stone and have not been able to update the ORS events list on the ORS site.

Here is a list of upcoming events and event ideas we have been planning.

May 20th-Astoria bicentennial celebration. Charlotte Cunningham and Nora Azevedo will be attending the opening of the Celebration at the Museum and later on the Lady Washington. If anyone would like to go with us, we are available for carpool.

Astoria Events page

June 26th-Picnic and Delaford--Strawberry picking and frolicking of a genteel nature. More information will be forthcoming

August 7th- Le Bon Ton is having an archery event as well as some other things which may be of interest to us

Le BonTon of Oregon

July 30th-Not Just a Memory Horse race
July 31st-Picnic at Pittock Mansion!
This is a double header for all of you Ladies and Gentlemen who travel any sort of distance to our events.

August 13th-tentative date for the summer ball. We have thought of an Out Door Park event with a live orchestra to keep down costs and get more public exposure.

October SAVE THE DATE for the 2nd Annual Fall Assembly. More on that once we have a secure date, time and location.

December 1st through 4th-Regency Retreat...most fantastic and will have more information soon

This is what we have so far as plans for a fantastic summer of events.
Other ideas have been put forth such as Tea at the Lavender Tea room in Sherwood, Summer Picnic or Ball, Picnic at Multnomah Falls, Trip to the Shakespeare Festival.

Feedback is most appreciated as to ideas, dates, places etc.

Lets make this the best Summer Yet!