Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My idea of a good, basic Regency wardrobe

So as we continue to hold events here and there, I am faced with the question as to when to stop sewing... or at least, slow down. How many gowns is enough? What do I need to have sufficient variety to mix and match so I don't have to sew a new gown every three months. I've come up with this little collection, which is what I would ideally like to have. Of course, none of these are ballgowns, but that's not in question right now. What do I need for the parties, picnics, etc, for this coming year? With this collection, I think I can swing about 20 'unique' looks using what amounts to: 2 basic gowns, 2 pelisses (one solid, one net), 2 chemisettes, a shawl and various accessories like ribbons, etc. A sleeveless, cotton 'spencer' or sleeveless bodice would also help to change up the look of the gowns as well.

The two gowns should be either solid or with a very subtle print, the net can dress it up for a fine evening party, the pelisse can be a complimentary print or solid, as could the sleeveless bodice. Chemisettes can make it look different, fichus, ribbons and so much more.

That will be my goal now is to complete the missing items from this list. I will focus on my ballgown closer to winter of '08; and I will create a long-sleeved, crossfront champagne or ivory gown over which I can put a pretty, silken pelisse to change it up each year.

Oh, and I forgot petticoats.

Anyway, that's my idea of what a workable, active regency wardobe should be for this year's events. Anything you think I should add?

Thursday, January 3, 2008

A Regency Party in Lake Oswego; Feb 9, 2008

$20 adults ~ Children under 14 $10.00
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English Country Dance and Whist lessons.
Regency Costume Recommended;
see the ORS Resources page for costume sources and references.