Friday, August 26, 2011

The Regency retreat is almost full!

It's only the end of August and the Oregon Regency Society's first Regency Retreat is pretty much sold out! Imagine that! Our organizers have put together a nice, varied schedule of workshops and we are all looking forward to all the Regency fun!

There's a lot of sewing in store for those who've signed up for these four days. They'll need at least three or four daywear ensembles, some pieces that can be modified for evening, warm outerwear, a ballgown, stockings, shoes and more.

The recommended basic trousseau for the event is as follows:

- 1 nice ball gown
- 2 evening ensembles
- 3 day gown ensembles
- An apron for messy workshops.
- Night clothes (there will be an award for best night-dress!)
- Slippers for indoor wear (regency, yes, but also night slippers)
- A comfortable pair of outdoor boots to go with your daywear
- A spencer, cloak or redingote
- A bonnet (or you can make one during the workshop)

Some of the participants are already hard at work sewing away. Some will arrive 'in trunks'. Everyone is very excited! We will surely post lots of pictures of the event (we will have photographers on site).

Event details: click here

Although there are only a few spots remaining, it can't hurt to contact us if you want to sign up for the waiting list. There could be a cancellation between now and December. But do not despair! If you don't get in this time, it's okay. This will surely not be the last of the ORS retreats. :)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The 4th Annual Pittock Mansion Picnic

What a turnout we had on Sunday, it was so delightful! We partook in a delicious meal and enjoyed tasty refreshments; and we played a hearty game of Blind-Man's-Bluff on the verdant lawns of the fine Portland estate.  We enjoyed society of the very highest quality, basked under the shining sun and took shade under our favourite trees on 'the point' overlooking the city.  Here are some moments captured from Sunday.  Enjoy!

Some of the strolling ladies take respite in the shade for a moment.

Mary is the Blind Man

Miss Tessa

Alizabeth takes in the view. Where are her shoes?

Nora stealthily moves out of Mary's path.

Stephanie's elegant train

Le Bon Ton at cards.

Mrs. Johanesen (AKA the Duchess of Beaufort) displays
her shining new shoes.

Mrs. Johanesen at Blind-man's bluff.

Alecea is quite the proper young lady. :)

A stunning turnout!

Some lovely chit-chat.

The spread.

An act of prestidigitation.

Miss Stephanie and the two young ladies.
Happy summer all!