Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Picnics and Tea and Bonnets, Oh My!

We've been super busy lately. Throwing together events so that there is a nice, steady succession of activities to keep our members engaged and busy. :)

We have two picnics, a series of stays workshops in the work, a bonnet workshop, a Regency Tea, and we're going to start planning for the Winter ball soon. It's all very exciting.

It's important to keep our site active and dynamic. There are far too many regency groups out there with websites with dead rings, broken links, missing images, galleries of events long past, and no dates later than 2004. That is not acceptable for the ORS. We're trying very hard to broaden our range of acitivities and to widen our scope of members; involving more facets of the period we all adore than just one or two repeating things. We adore Jane, but we want to step beyond the academic study of her works, we want to live them, experience them, all parts of it, from the wars that raged during that period, to the more scandalous side of the period, like the edgy Byron.

So that is why we are increasing our events, and soon we will try to offer some lectures, readings in order to meet the needs of the folks who like to learn new things about the period.

In the meantime, it's a social calendar few can withstand, that's for sure. But we're excited nonetheless.