Monday, July 26, 2010

Concurrent Picnics and Austen Fight Club!

The ORS Annual Picnic at Pittock was so fun this year!

The fabulous Portland Landmark overlooks the valley and the city of portland. This french-chateau style building was built a hundred years later than our desired period, but nevertheless, it's a lovely site for our picnic that feels very appropriate.

ORS Founder Stephanie in her troublesome gown and a borrowed hat (which she almost stole because she loved it so much).

A Seurat painting in the making?

Ensconced in the shade of the European Beech, we feast.

And some more romantic things happen as well. ;). The always beautiful and elegant Lady of Portland House offers her dashing husband a sumptuous stemmed cherry. (photos stolen from Aaron Marks, Stephanie Robertson and Charlotte Cunningham's facebook albums!)

Some not-so period texting.

Chef Steph R's beautiful array of delicious treats.

Charlotte, Nora and Stephanie R.

Le Bon Ton create a beautiful tableau.

Such a lovely day. :::sigh:::

Links to photo albums:
Stephanie R's Album
Aaron Marks' Album
Charlotte Cunningham's Album

And just for some more fun....

Whenever I stumble on a relevant link or movie that I know will make a Janeite or Regency fan laugh or smile, I am compelled to post it. So I end this post with this little thing that's gone viral...

ORS Central Valley also hosted a picnic on Sunday. Details will be posted on the ORS Central blog soon!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Some Regency fun :0)

Sex and the Austen Girl

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