Monday, November 28, 2011

Retreaters, some last-minute reminders from Charlotte:

A reminder list for the retreat. 

1. We’ve been informed this week that the retreat center no longer provides bath towels, so if you like to be able to dry off post shower (I sure do!), please bring your own. Also remember to bring your sheet set and blankets.

2. Teapots! If you have a set you’d like to bring, this would be a charming way to create the ambiance of the Regency

3. Raffle items. If you have anything to donate to the raffle, please bring it. Also, if you intend on purchasing tickets for the raffle, you should bring money. Cash or checks only please.

4. Snacks. We will have a communal snack area for in between meals, and are asking that people bring foodstuff to contribute, including beverages aside from coffee, tea and cocoa. Please remember that alcohol is not permitted on the grounds.

5. Boots in case there is mud. One can always bring and change back into your nice shoes upon arrival or return, should we go adventuring outdoors.

6. Room decorations are encouraged and the favorite will be awarded with a lovely prize. If you would like to use candles in your room or to walk around with, you should bring the appropriate candle holders and candles.

7. Any workshop requirements that you might need, including a sewing machine for those workshops which might require one.

8. Remember to change into your Regency wear upon arrival to your rooms; all other things can be accomplished post change.

9. Entertainment. For yourself such as embroidery or crafts, or to be shared, such as games, readings or your musical talents.

10. Also, we do have a few spots available should you know anyone who would like to go. Please let them know to contact us straightaway!

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