Friday, November 25, 2011

The 'Pemberley' Regency Shoe Available for Pre-Order!

Heads-up, Regency enthusiasts! American Duchess has released another model of period shoe and this time it's Regency. A beautiful Regency slipper complete with the side seams.  The shoe is from the early regency (1790-1810), with the pointed toe and a tiny, precious little heel.  At pre-sale price, they're only $80 and they're made of dyable white leather. Regular price is $95.

Pre-order today so she can continue to sell these shoes in her boutique! Every lady who does Regency costuming needs a pair of these. :) Gentlemen, this is a lovely Christmas gift idea.

Order yours here:


Anonymous said...

sorry,but this is not a regency ladys shoe.its rather a mens shoe if it would be black.

Anonymous said...

have a look here for typical regency ladies shoes.