Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The 4th Annual Pittock Mansion Picnic

What a turnout we had on Sunday, it was so delightful! We partook in a delicious meal and enjoyed tasty refreshments; and we played a hearty game of Blind-Man's-Bluff on the verdant lawns of the fine Portland estate.  We enjoyed society of the very highest quality, basked under the shining sun and took shade under our favourite trees on 'the point' overlooking the city.  Here are some moments captured from Sunday.  Enjoy!

Some of the strolling ladies take respite in the shade for a moment.

Mary is the Blind Man

Miss Tessa

Alizabeth takes in the view. Where are her shoes?

Nora stealthily moves out of Mary's path.

Stephanie's elegant train

Le Bon Ton at cards.

Mrs. Johanesen (AKA the Duchess of Beaufort) displays
her shining new shoes.

Mrs. Johanesen at Blind-man's bluff.

Alecea is quite the proper young lady. :)

A stunning turnout!

Some lovely chit-chat.

The spread.

An act of prestidigitation.

Miss Stephanie and the two young ladies.
Happy summer all!


Lauren R said...

What a wonderful event! I wish I could have been there (long drive from NV, though, haha) So much pretty all in one place :-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for including Le Bon Ton in your event. Le Chevalier and I had a marvelous time, as did the other founders. Another wonderful summer event!
~Mme Theo