Friday, March 18, 2011

Be not alarmed!

The Oregon Regency Society web page is undergoing a server migration--so the website (and the RSA Regency Society of America website) will be out of commission for a day or two while the new folks who will be updating it get their ducks in a row. You can email the ORS at with queries, and it will be answered.

The ORS is also going through a leadership transition. I will be stepping down as President so I can get my insane life back together, and Thea Peck of ORS Central Valley Chapter will be taking my place. The ORS Northwest Chapter now has 5 chapter leaders; Stephanie Robertson, Charlotte Cunningham, Nora Azevedo, Guy Holady and myself in a limited capacity. I have decided now I want to just show up and have fun, and try to find my sewing love again! :)

Either way, we are here, despite the ORS web page being down, and we will be up and running business as usual very soon. Thanks!

Stephanie Johanesen

UPDATE - Due to a series of professional differences, the above described situation did not resolve itself as we had hoped.  Because of uncommunicated intentions coming to light before the transition, the ORS has been restructured to move forward without a seated President. The organization is now structured to be run by the chapter leaders as a collective. The ORS is a volunteer-run, not for profit organization and will continue to remain so.

Also as a result of the differences between the chapters, the current leadership of the Oregon Regency Society made the difficult decision to withdraw support for the leadership of the ORS Central Valley Chapter. As a result this ORS chapter was dissolved. We apologize sincerely to the Eugene-area ORS members for this inconvenience, however we hope to re-establish a chapter in that region as soon as new, fair and dedicated leadership steps forward, willing to do the hard work necessary with the right, selfless motivations--without generating unnecessary negativity towards other leaders.  This group's leadership has decided that they must all seek equal footing if they are going to work together.

The ORS is and always has been an organization of volunteers. The people who have dedicated great quantities of their personal time to build the group, organize the broad array of events, negotiate deals for venues, market the group, interact with members and listen to the needs of the membership are the very foundation of what this group stands for. None of us are doing this for the sake of personal gain (except for the fun of dressing up, of course), a hope for a career, or a means to elevate ourselves above others. It isn't about how much enjoyment we derive from our events, it's about how much enjoyment the membership derives from the events. We, as leaders, understand that being a leader means working, taking lumps, putting out fires and doing sometimes less than fun things for the sake of making brilliant fun events.  So in essence, it's not about us.  And we have resolved that this will always be part of the mission as we move forward from now on.

As a result of all this, my participating in leadership in a 'limited capacity' has been postponed; I am much engaged as I always have been in making sure we have lots of events going on for our NW Chapter members, and also striving to find leadership to expand our chapters around the state. However now, I share equal grounds with a tremendous group of leaders who put in the time and effort needed to keep this group growing. And I foresee many lovely things happening.

As we enter our fifth full year of operation we are looking forward to all the new and lovely things our leadership will bring, and we welcome the ideas, suggestions and assistance of any members who wish to take part in the leadership role.  Let us know. :)

Stephanie Johanesen - January 2012.

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