Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sweets to the Sweet, a Regency Valentine Tea

Many thanks to our hosts, Connie & Mike Jarrett for opening their gorgeous home to our members and guests, this past Sunday. Twenty three gentlemen and ladies were in attendance at the historic Ferdinand McCown house in Oregon City, for the ORS Regency Valentines Tea.

Decorated with handmade paper cameos, the chandeliers illuminated new friends and old, as they gathered 'round to sample the savories treats provided therein. Oh my, a scrumptious menu of scotch eggs, mini mince-meat pies, shrimp roll-ups, scones, acres of brownies-including allergen free options- were laid out on the antique dining room table and carved sideboard. Tea and coffee were on hand in the kitchen, where many kettles of water were boiled by our kitchen pixies.

However, despite the dramatic posing, cooking on such an adorable period stove was really no chore! The afternoon's entertainment was provided by the passionate and knowledgable Professor D.R. Schreiber, whose slight of hand and conjuring illusions delighted the entire assembly. A superb presentation, which was full of fun and interesting history of "Conjuring" during the Regency period. During the show's intermission, Lady Lauren once again thrilled us with her divine voice. A rendition of Handel's "Silent Worship", she might truly have charmed birds from the trees, with her own superior trills.

After the show's conclusion, the professor was on hand to further discuss the topics of conjuring, and indulge in a cup or two of tea. The whist tables were brought out, and a second trip to the groaning sideboard was in order. Perhaps a third (or fourth) cup of the Chocolate Mint tea, if you please? And so, the remainder of the time was passed in good conversation and excellent company. As a further note, I'd like to also thank the several members whom stood on ladders, baked amazing yumminess, and/or washed dishes.

The Lady of Portland House (Lauren) and Lissa

The Lord and Lady of Portland House (Aaron and Lauren)

The Amazing Professor D.R. Schreiber and The Lady of Portland House

A lovely game of Whist

Connie and Mike, our gracious hosts

Christian and Tara preparing tea in the kitchen.

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