Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The ORS Winter Ball was a great success!

We were thrilled with the way the ball turned out. There were about 40 people in attendance; and they filled up the floor to dance the better part of the night. The ball began with the tea on Friday; which was well attended by 16 people; almost all of whom were in costume (ironically, the only people who weren't were myself, my husband and my aunt, who'd arrived in town too late to find a place to change clothes).

The group of organizers spent a good part of Friday evening preparing the venue, the food and in my case and that of Lisa, our husbands' costumes; which were significantly more work than our own. To top it off, I had made an extra tailcoat (and handed down the green trouble-waiscoat to the 'livery'), and a second waistcoat for my husband. I hadn't sewn on a single button on any of these items. So I sat down Friday midnight, and sewed and sewed and sewed. I had prepared two costumes for some people we had hired to be 'servants' (neither of whom bothered to show up, what a surprise). I'd also finished the drop-front breeches for my husband; and I dare say the pattern, although not for beginners, was very easy to modify to my needs, and made a fine pair of breeches. I recommend that pattern very much. Portraits will be posted as soon as they are available.

On Saturday morning, we had breakfast together, and we all charged down to the temple to finish things up. We brought our sewing, of course, and finished up details, like folding the napkins into lotus flowers, adding last minute touches, and Robert made sure the food was ready to go. We rushed up to the hotel to change, and were back in time to see that none of our 'servant staff' had shown. But we made do... and we greeted arrivals, and ferried them into the portrait room, where we captured them in their Regency Finery.

The musicians had already arrived and were practicing during the meal. Everyone had a lovely dinner, and a dessert and then onto the dance-floor they went; and there was dancing right up until Midnight.

Click here to see images and more.

It was lovely.

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